About us

DevBorn is a young company, born in 2016. From the very first moment, DevBorn’s purpose has been for clients to feel like partners, and for team members to feel that DevBorn is the best place to spend their days.

Our vision

For our clients, we like to think of ourselves more like a business partner than a software factory. Aligned not just in terms of time zone, but also in terms of business growth, quality, and human resources.

For our developers, we seek to create a comfortable, motivated workplace where they find a nice life/work balance... a place where to challenge their skills... a place to stay and grow.

Our mission

To become the agency of record both for clients and developers.


We believe in making happy developers.

Happy developers deliver great code.

Great code makes customers happy.

Happy customers make us happy.

Bob Rosset


Bob is an impulsive and creative person. A dreamer who believes in changing the world (one step at a time).

With a background as a national broadcaster and vast experience in management, Bob offers DevBorn a unique nexus between multiple worlds and languages, and a shared vision with Luciano on equality, humanity and improvement. Nowadays, he serves as DevBorn’s CEO.

Luciano Castro


Since his college days majoring in electronic engineering, Luciano has had a thing for technology and entrepreneurship. He has always approached his projects from a perspective of both business and responsibility.

Overall funny guy, boxer, and musician, Luciano is always down for a good joke and a good time: ”We should enjoy our lives while we do what we do for a living.” Nowadays, he serves as DevBorn’s COO and CTO.

Let's chat

In any relationship, it’s paramount to understand other people’s needs. We want to hear your story (as a company or individual), goals, expectations . . . and, just then, we may begin talking about which technology is the best fit for your business goals.

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